Successful businesses require highly effective leadership. There's no doubt about it: if you want to have a cohesive team , you have to be confident and skilled in managing people and their productivity. Especially in today's environment, your ability to successfully lead and manage people can make the difference between success and failure.


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Team Leadership SKILLS CAN BE SPLIT IN to 3 key areas:

Master these and you will set yourself up for success throughout your career.

team leadership 3 skillsets


Attributes that will build trust and mutual respect from your team.

Notice what you do and how you behave, take time to reflect on how people respond to you. Learning how to be more self-aware doesn’t come easily, it is a conscious decision to stop and notice how you feel, and then decide what you will say and do. Using emotional intelligence to guide interactions is something you can continually work on, gather feedback about yourself, ask your boss, your peers and your team for feedback about how you come across and how you make people feel. Understanding the impact you have on others will allow you to learn more about yourself. 

team leadership - self awareness
team leadership - role model

Role model - ‘do as I do, not as I say’, we all know this old saying but it is true! Setting the example of how you want others to be is crucial to your success as a team leader, show people how you want them to act, interact and behave through your own personal behaviours and actions. Gain trust by being a role model, be the person they look up to and want to emulate, be the person they respect, be the person who can empathise, understand others, and be non-judgemental. You can only do this by role modelling appropriate behaviours, decisions and actions.

Be consistent - inconsistency leads to mistrust, so you must be consistent in your approach and the decisions you make. Even when you are having a bad day, feeling stressed or under pressure, your team need to know they can rely on you and know what to expect from you. When you think everything is falling apart around you, make sure you maintain a consistent composure and focus to inspire confidence, you will gain far more respect by remaining calm and in control.

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team leadership - be consistent


Behaviours that will help motivate your team, keep them inspired and empowered.

Talk to people - ensure there is 2-way communication, take time to purposefully talk, listen, engage and take an interest in everyone in your team, understand things from their perspective. Building relationships and showing empathy is a crucial part of leadership, make yourself visible and available, look for opportunities to engage at all levels. As a leader you need to communicate all kinds of things, such as policies and procedures, so make sure you consciously decide the style in which you will do this. Know when to take the lead and communicate confidently and assertively (I decide). Know when to involve the team, consult and invite their input (we decide). Know when to delegate and trust your team (you decide). Ensure there is every opportunity to talk with your people, set up regular team meetings, catch-ups and 1:1’s, invest time in them and ensure there is a culture of approachability, openness and respect.

team leadership - talk to people
team leadership - recognise people

Recognise people - we all like to know we are doing a good job, right? To know that the work we do is valued and that our contribution is making a difference is crucial to our happiness and satisfaction at work. The importance of recognition and showing people you appreciate them is the key to good leadership and employee engagement. Let your team know you appreciate them by simply saying thank you, giving regular positive feedback, offering rewards, publicly acknowledging people, creating personal development opportunities. Whatever you do to recognise your people make sure it is sincere and genuine, and do it often!

Inspire - there is no doubt that we have all come across people in our lives who inspire us, the question is what does a great leader do to inspire their team? Inspirational leaders are able to infuse individuals and teams with enthusiasm and energy, they can influence and motivate people to achieve greater things. Take time to listen and talk to your people, be approachable and inclusive, value diversity, ensure each individual is treated fairly and respectfully and always act with integrity. Look for ways to put forward new ideas, for ways to improve things, stand up for what is right for your team, encourage and coach them to look for development opportunities and self-improvement. Establish a culture of collaboration and unity within the team, where mutual respect, dignity and care are core to the values of the team, do this by holding team meetings, team away-days and team-building activities.

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team leadership - inspire your team


Actions that will help you be super productive and achieve targets.

Organisational needs - great leaders are those who are able to create the vision, establish direction, plan strategies and business plans to achieve goals, objectives and targets. People will enthusiastically follow if they are clear on where they are headed and how they will get there, they will want to ‘buy in’ to the vision if this is communicated clearly and they can see the true benefits to the business and themselves. So, if you have a really large or very small team, it is down to the leader to create and communicate that picture for the future success of the business as well as plans to meet operational requirements.

team leadership - business strategy
team leadership - occupational needs

Occupational needs - defining job & behavioural performance requirements is often a task left to the HR department, however, the team leader must be clear about what is required in the roles and functions they manage. Be very clear in your own mind what you want people to achieve, what you want them to do, and how you want them to behave. Unless you set out these specific performance expectations you will find it very difficult to manage job performance.

Individual needs - assess knowledge, skills and behaviours of each person in your team so they can achieve performance requirements. Create opportunities to observe job performance then provide feedback to people on what they are doing well, as well as areas they need to develop to improve. Take time to understand the needs of each individual, encourage self-review to consider the impact or effect of their actions and behaviours, work with them to provide support and the tools needed to be successful. Carry out regular 1 to 1’s, performance reviews, provide ongoing feedback and coaching, arrange the required training and upskilling to meet operational and people requirements.

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team leadership - 1 to 1's

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Individuals and teams can all benefit from coaching, whether it is personal or business - find out more.



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