Your customers will come back time and time again, only if they are receiving exemplary service.

Our customer service training helps your team look at customer expectations versus current delivery, then consider how to enhance customer care and provide service excellence. All our programmes can be delivered face to face or virtually.


We help you develop a customer journey roadmap, identifying the key touch points and type of service expected by your customer at every stage of their customer journey.

The starting point is to focus on employee engagement, after all they are the true representatives of your brand and culture, providing you with competitive advantage to ensure customer satisfaction and customer lifetime value.

Our tailored customer service training helps you harness the power of your people to drive real value for your customer throughout their journey. We focus on self-awareness and key behaviours to enhance service excellence.

Typical workshops/programmes

  • In the customers shoes
  • Understanding brand experience
  • Creating a customer centric culture
  • Components of service
  • Customer characteristics
  • The customer buying cycle
  • Customer service standards
  • Service innovation
  • Competitor customer service
  • Service touch points and interactions
  • Tuning in to me and my customer
  • Building relationships
  • Chemistry with my customer
  • Creating memorable moments
  • Personal communication skills
  • Email communication
  • Personal impact
  • Transactional analysis
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Handling conflict
  • Service recovery


If you would like to know more about how uPerformance can help your organisation, or can work with you as an individual, why not get in touch to discuss your needs.
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