Hitting Your Targets

To be a great business leader we will do well to take a leaf out of the book of great sportspeople. Take a look at how an Olympic athlete approaches the task of winning gold. Of course, business leaders want to be as successful as they can be and gain that competitive edge. So, what is it an Olympic athlete does to achieve their goals? How can we emulate their preparation and mindset?.

Olympic athlete - 7 steps to success:

  • Clear on the goal - create the vision, establish direction, set goals, objectives and targets.
  • Clear on the competition - understand the external market and be fully informed about the competition. ‘Know thy enemy, know thy self’ - Sun Tzu, from the The Art of War
  • Clear on the strategy to get there - plan strategies and business plans to achieve goals, objectives and targets.
  • Clear on how to measure performance progress - put metrics in place to measure progress, set milestone targets and review dates.
  • Clear on how to plan performance progress - put mechanisms in place to support performance improvement, recommended training and development.
  • Clear on coaching for performance progress - establish a coaching culture where feedback and personal development are at the centre of all that you do.
  • Celebrate success - take time to recognise and reward both small and large successes.

To develop your business leadership skills consider:

  • What is the overall goal?
  • What are the external market factors affecting my business?
  • Who are my competitors and what do they offer?.
  • Have I formulated a strategy and business plan to achieve set targets?
  • Do I understand the internal blockages to achieve goals?
  • Have I clearly communicated priorities to the team?
  • Do the team have the skills to do the job?
  • Do the team have the tools to do the job?
  • How do I coach and mentor my team?
  • How do I motivate and provide recognition to my team?

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