Keep That Team Spirit

Team spirit is that intangible quality that is hard to describe, yet great teams all have it in common.

So how do we know we have team spirit? What do we see and hear?

It is about a group of people working together, being clear on the goal they need to achieve, caring for each other, helping one another, being there for each other and showing support by helping and teaching others.

‘If everyone is moving forward together,
then success can take care of itself’

Henry Ford

As a leader we need to get to know the individuals in our team, know how to motivate them, keep them inspired and help them to work together effectively and productively.

A leader is only as good as their team . . .
and a team is only as good as their leader.

The role of the leader is to consider what mechanisms and activities we need to implement to achieve team excellence:

  • Set goals that are meaningful and achievable.
  • Ensure everyone is clear on their role and how they will contribute to the team.
  • Give feedback about team achievements regularly.
  • Praise them for their individual contribution.
  • Be the team cheerleader, tell others about their achievements.
  • Tell them how proud you are of them.

To develop your team leadership skills consider:

  • Am I clear on what I want to see my team doing and behaving?
  • Do I take time to observe my team?
  • Do I give regular positive feedback on what they are doing well?
  • Do I provide formative feedback on areas they can improve?
  • Am I aware of any underlying or manifest conflict within the team?
  • Am I always attentive and aware of what is happening?
  • Do I address personality clashes ensuring equality for all?
  • Do I promote clear lines of communication and facilitate discussion?

Find out more about Team Leadership Skills.

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