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‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’, this saying has been attributed to the famous Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi, it sums up what is meant by role modelling.
Role modelling is about talking the talk and walking the walk, setting the example and behaving in the way that you want others to behave.

If we think of the leaders, managers, supervisors we have worked with over the years, some will say one thing and do another, leaving us confused, frustrated, and not believing them, resulting in a lack of trust and respect and negatively impacting the relationship.

As a leader how can we expect others to change or act in a certain way if we don’t look at ourselves, more importantly, self-reflect on the impact or the effect of our actions?

A self-reflective leader who is a role model will:

  • Be consciously self-aware of their own behaviours.
  • Notice the impact they have on others and how others respond to them.
  • Manage their emotions, in control of what they say and do.
  • Have a high degree of Emotional Intelligence.
  • Carry out reflective practise, be open to discovering and learning more about themselves.
  • Gather feedback from others so they can see what others see, gain a broader perspective and learn about themselves.
  • Lead by example and practice what they preach.

We can train ourselves to be more self-reflective by firstly noticing how we feel, noticing emotional reactions and not allowing them to overwhelm our thinking. A good leadership role model will demonstrate integrity by being honest with strong moral principles. They will make well thought through decisions, consider all angles and clearly communicate not only what to do but how to do it.

To develop self-awareness and be a better role model, consider:

  • What do others see me doing?
  • What do others hear me saying?
  • What impression do I create?
  • Do I communicate this is how to do things, but then do the opposite myself?
  • Do I set a good example?
  • Do I take time to self-reflect?
  • Do I gather feedback and carry out reflective practice?

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